Easy lace knitting pattern for Beginners

Lace knitting might seem intimidating at first, but there are plenty of beginner-friendly lace patterns that can help you ease into this beautiful technique. Here’s a simple lace pattern for beginners:

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Easy Lace Knit Scarf


  • Worsted weight yarn (any color of your choice)
  • Knitting needles appropriate for your yarn (check the yarn label for recommended needle size)
  • Yarn needle for weaving in ends


  • k: knit
  • p: purl
  • yo: yarn over
  • k2tog: knit two stitches together


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Cast On: Cast on any even number of stitches (e.g., 20, 30, 40 stitches) to suit the width you desire.

Row 1 (Right Side):

  • Knit all stitches.

Row 2 (Wrong Side):

  • Purl all stitches.

Row 3:

  • *K1, yo, k2, k2tog, repeat from * to the last stitch, k1.

Row 4:

  • Purl all stitches.

Repeat Rows 1-4: Continue repeating Rows 1-4 until your scarf reaches the desired length. You can repeat the pattern as many times as you like.

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Bind Off: Bind off all stitches knitwise on a right-side row.

Finishing: Weave in any loose ends using a yarn needle.

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This simple lace pattern creates a beautiful openwork design with a combination of yarn overs and decreases. It’s repetitive and easy to memorize, making it suitable for beginners. Feel free to experiment with different yarn colors and textures to make it uniquely yours.

As you become more comfortable with lace knitting, you can explore more intricate lace patterns and designs. Happy knitting!


Easy lace knitting pattern for Beginners