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I would like to share how to make Crochet Harlequin Stitch Baby Blanket.
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Harlequin sewing has always been interesting to me
and I’ve always wanted to try it. While searching where to start
, I found a great tutorial on Ayşe’s Braids you tube channel.
This stitch is not only colorful and cheerful, but also versatile.
It’s a great idea for beginners, it’s pretty easy too!


Friends! This beautiful stitch is often used for baby blankets,
but you can spice it up with whatever comes to mind.
Throws, wall hangings, even capes or gloves –
all this can be done using the mottled stitch.
Choose the color palette you will love and try it today!
Materials : Two Colors of Ball yarn was used.
Crochet hook number 2.50 mm diameter hook was used.
Whatever you are going to do, you can adjust
your crochet number according to the thickness of your yarn.
I wish good luck to those who want to do it in advance.



click video tutorial