Great ! Stylish and elegant easy crochet lace cover


Great ! Stylish and elegant easy crochet lace cover

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crochet lace
Creating a stylish and elegant crochet lace cover is a fun and creative project that can add a touch of beauty to your home decor. You can make covers for pillows, table runners, or even curtains. Here’s a basic pattern to get you started. You can customize it to fit your specific project and style preferences.

Materials you’ll need:

  • Crochet thread or lace-weight yarn (in your desired color)
  • Appropriate crochet hook size (usually smaller than recommended for the yarn)


  • ch: chain
  • dc: double crochet
  • tr: treble crochet
  • sc: single crochet
  • st(s): stitch(es)
  • sp: space

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  1. Start by chaining a multiple of 10 plus 6. For example, you could chain 46 for a small sample piece.
  2. Row 1: Starting in the 4th ch from the hook, work 1 tr in each ch across. This will give you a row of treble crochets. Turn.
  3. Row 2: Ch 6 (counts as 1 tr, ch 3), skip the next 3 tr, 1 tr in the next tr, ch 3. Repeat from * to * across the row, ending with 1 tr in the last st. Turn.
  4. Row 3: Ch 3 (counts as 1 dc), 3 dc in the first ch-3 space, 1 dc in the next tr, 3 dc in the next ch-3 space. Repeat from * to * across the row, ending with 1 dc in the 3rd ch of the ch-6 turning chain. Turn.
  5. Repeat Rows 2 and 3 until your cover is the desired length. You can make it as long or short as you like.
  6. Finish by working a simple edging of your choice. A common edging is to work a round of single crochets all the way around the piece. To do this, after completing your last row, make a ch 1 and then work sc stitches evenly around the edges, with extra stitches in the corners to keep the work flat.
  7. Once your crochet lace cover is the desired size and you’ve added an edging, fasten off and weave in any loose ends.

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Remember to adjust the pattern to fit your specific project. You can use different stitches, create more intricate lace patterns, and customize the size and shape to your liking. Crochet lace covers are a beautiful way to add elegance to your home, so feel free to experiment and let your creativity shine!

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video tutorial :

Great ! Stylish and elegant easy crochet lace cover