How to knit a crochet baby skirt easy baby skirt

Hello Dear Friends! Welcome to our knitting patterns site. In this article, I will give you all the instructions for the chirpy, colorful baby knit skirt knitting pattern for baby girls. I am sure you will like this pattern, too. But keep reading my article carefully and you will have the opportunity to do it yourself.

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Knitted skirts and knit dresses may seem not to be preferred in the clothing style of modern times, but you should not decide without seeing these colorful models. Knitted skirts especially for babies and girls can be worn for many years without getting old. These skirts, which you can complete by sewing ribbons on them and decorating them with ropes, of course have ones for adults.

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The name of the pattern is zigzag knitting pattern and it is a pattern that anyone can do at the intermediate level. As seen in the picture, it is prepared for girls aged 2-3. In the skirt model whose main color is white, one color is changed in 2 rows and knitted with 6-7 colors. While making colorful patterns, Crochet Skirt is enlarged downwards by increasing 1 time from the right and 1 from the left in each row.


If you want to knit this crochet pattern, you can evaluate your remaining yarn in your home. This pattern color and pattern has a very regular structure .

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After the skirt is made with the white color, the sample is set up as 4 Handrails, 2 chains, and 4 Handrails 2 chains with the Pink color. After the pink color, rows with white colored Railings without increase are made. When you switch to the blue colored Rope, the increments here increase by 1 more. 5 Handrails are started to be made in the form of twin 5 Handrails 2 chains. In this way, the Skirt will be in a flared shape, we will increase the number of Handrails each time to make it with a wide skirt. If you are going to make the skirt longer, this way, without increasing the number of white areas, only the number of Handrails will be 1 in the colored areas, You need to increase by 1 each. I wish good luck to my friends who want to make this pattern.



Click here for the video tutorial of this pattern