A Very Nice Baby Knitting Pattern with Color and Pattern

Hello Dear Friends!
In this work, I am with you with a very easy crochet pattern.
The construction of this pattern is very simple and tastefully knitted.
Enjoy making this pattern. I believe beginners can do it easily.

page 14

If you wish, you can work this Pattern with 2 colors or 3 colors.
This pattern consists of 6 + 6 + 5 coefficients.
Whatever you are planning to knit,
you can study our model in
this way according to the coefficients I have given.


You can also start knitting this pattern using the free video tutorial.
I think this pattern will suit baby blankets, vests and shawls very well.
If you are looking for a pattern, I recommend you to try this pattern.


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Click here for a video tutorial of this pattern