How to make crochet flower keychain ?


How to make crochet flower keychain ?

Making a crochet flower keychain is a fun and creative project.
Here’s a simple pattern to get you started. This pattern assumes you have some basic knowledge of crochet stitches.
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crochet flower keychain


1-Crochet (Preferably, you can use 2.5 or 3 mm crochet.)
2- Wool or yarn (Various colors can be preferred.)
3-Key chain execution or ring chain frame
4 needles and scissors
I used two colors of fiber yarn. Hook : 1,90 mm You can sew this model as an ornament on a key ring, magnet, booties. You can gift your loved ones by making this beautiful flower knitting pattern.

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step 1:
Preparing the parts of the flower First you will need to create 6 petals to make your flower. You can make petals by following these steps:
1-Make a magic loop: Tie a half knot with the crochet and close the loop tightly.
2-Make the first petal: pull 3 chains (this will be enough to make loops), then make 12 railings. Then close it with the slip stitch method. Chain 3 (this will be enough to make one stick), then make 2 sticks. Then pull 3 chains and this time make 3 frequent crochets. Repeat this step 5 times in total (for 5 leaves) and finally pull 3 chains and join them around the ring.
3- Attach yarn of another color to your hook. Chain 5 and make a loop by dipping the last chain into the first chain. Make 10 frequent crochets into the ring.

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Use the sewing needle to attach your flower to the key ring or ring frame. Sew the base of the flower to the ring and tie a solid knot. If you are using a ring keychain, you can attach the flower to the frame by threading it through the frame.
Now your crochet flower keychain is complete! If you wish, you can add a personal touch to your keychain by making different colors and flowers. Enjoy!
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How to make crochet flower keychain ?