Tunisian work two-color new model full vest


Hello dear friends! Welcome to our knitting patterns site. Today, we chose a very easy Tunisian crochet knitting pattern that everyone can do, it was very beautiful and very stylish. Check out this great knitting technique for beginners. We think it will be more than worth it if you find some spare time and start knitting right now. After a pleasant work, you will feel more comfortable at home every day. 

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From this pattern, baby knits are one of the patterns that you can use in vests, cardigans, hats, booties and many other areas. You can make a bag.

We start by pulling a chain with a dark thread. I used number 3 Tunisian crochet. If your yarns are thin or thick, you can choose a crochet suitable for your hand. We knit the first loop, then we collect our loops so that 3 loops are on our sample. In our 3rd row, we take 1 loop, knit the next 3 loops, then remove it from the crochet, attach the middle loop to my crochet, and take the 2 loops first, then the back loop and knit the 3 together. I wrap the head of the needle once, go through 3 loops and pull out 3 loops again. I repeat the next loop by doing the same process until the end of the row.

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Tunisian work two-color new model full vest

            + video tutorial

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Tunisian work two-color new model full vest