Very easy crochet baby shoes that you can learn

Hello Dear Friends!
In this article, we will learn the stages of making baby shoes pattern.
The white snow high top of the three-dimensional shoe body
and the jujube needle make it more cute, and then we start knitting.

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First we start with the lock chain, then the first step we will knit the base chain.
Knitting is completed. Then 15 loops are knitted.
Then return to the penultimate stitch. Take 1 thread from the satoma behind
the straight stitch and knit two rows of stitches here.
Knit one short stitch in each Lock stitch (sc) 6 short stitches in total (sc)


After the end of 6 stitches, knit a medium loop (1hdc) over the next stitch.
Knit one long stitch on each stitch, 5 long stitches in total (5dc) End of 5 stitches,
then knit 6 long stitches on the first stitch (6 dc) 6 stitches end to the other side.
continue to knit in the second half corresponding to the number
of loops in the front. knit 5 loops in the previous row (5dc)
5 loops end, then knit 1 medium length loop (1 hdc)
in the next loop. Then knit 6 short loops in the row (6 sc)
6 stitch end we knit two short loops in the next loop (2sc)
and finally knit a puller stitch in the first short stitch ( slst)
The first round is over.


Knit 2 long loops in the first loop and 2 loops in the second loop.
(2d inc = 4dc)
Knit in the back sequentially, knit a total of 12 long needles. (12 dc)
The 12th stitch ends, knit 2 long stitches in each of the 6 stitches in the corner.


(6dc inc =12dc )
Turn to the other side and knit another 12 long loops in a row in the second half.
(12 )
At the end of the 12th loop, knit two long loops in each of the remaining 2 loops.
(2 dc inc = 4dc )
Finally knit a pull stitch in the first long stitch .
Continue to lock the two loops as standing loops in the third loop. (slst)


Start by knitting a long stitch in the first web .
Add one more loop to the second web and knit two long loops .
(dc inc) Knit a long stitch in the third knit. Add one loop to the fourth loop
and knit two long loops. (dc inc) It is knitted in order on the back,
a total of 1 long needle is knitted. (12 dc) The 12th stitch is                                   
finished, 6 stitches are added to the 12 stitches in the corner.
(dc inc = 6 18 sc)


In the second circle, first lock the two stitches.
Knit one long loop in each loop. A total of 54 long stitches are crocheted.
(2 : 54dc) End of second round
Finally knit a pull stitch over the first long loop .
Lock the seam first in the third circle. Knit an outer crochet long
stitch into the first long stitch. ( 1 fpdc ) Knit one inside crochet on   
the second long needle. Knit one inner crochet on the fourth long
needle (1bpdc )
3: 1 fpdc , 1bpdc 27 = 54


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Click here for the training video of this booties knitting pattern.