Floral Motif Childrens Hooded Vest Models And Their Making

Hello dear friends! Welcome to our knitting patterns site. Today, we chose the lace crochet knitting model, which is very easy ornamental accessories that everyone can do, and it was very beautiful and very stylish for ladies. Check out this great knitting technique for beginners. We think it will be more than worth it if you find some spare time and start knitting right now. After a pleasant work, you will feel more comfortable at home every day.  

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It consists of 40 motifs in total. Let’s start with our motifs. Let’s pull 6 chains and create a slot. We make 16 handrails inside. Let’s draw 3 chains, wrap the rope around the hook, sink to the bottom and pull 4 times to create a peanut. (The drawn strings are gathered at once) Let’s do it 8 such leaves. Then pull 5 chains and sink into the first made leaf. 8 chains are drawn and sewn to the other leaf. Chain 5 again, sink between the two leaves and continue like this. In this way, 4 corners will be formed. and thus the motif will be prepared. Let’s combine the motifs, We complete our vest by knitting a handrail around it.

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How to Make a Kids Hooded Vest with Knitting:
1-Prepare the materials:
  knitting needles, wool or thread, buttons or embellishments to replace buttons.
2-Take measurements:
    Determine the size of the vest and make a sample based on your child’s measurements.
3-Knit floral motifs for the vest:
   Knit floral motifs in the colors you want and you will add these motifs to the front of the           vest.
4-Kinitted tvest making:
   The front and back of the vest are knitted. While the back can be plain, don’t forget to add        floral motifs on the front.
5-Knit the hoodie: Knit the part required for the hoodie. The hoodie will be placed on the top of the vest and will keep the head warm.
6-Assemble the vest: Assemble the front and back pieces and sew the side seams.
7-Add the hoodie: Add the hoodie to the top of the vest and be careful when sewing it.
8-Add buttons or snaps: Add buttons to the front of the vest or complete the vest with snaps. 9-How to Make a Stitched Kids Hoodie:
10-Programming consumables: Changing the sewing machine, fabric, needle, threads, button or button.
11- Choose the vest pattern: Choose a pattern for the kid’s hoodie vest and cut the fabric according to that pattern.
12-Cut the fabric: Cut the front and back of the vest, hoodie and other necessary result from the fabric.
13-Sew the vest: Join the front and back of the vest and sew the side seams.
14-Add the hoodie: Add the hoodie to the top of the vest and be careful when sewing it.
15-Add buttons or snaps: Add buttons to the front of the vest or complete the vest with               snaps.
Please note that this is for general guidance only and details may vary depending on knitting or sewing pattern. If you want a more detailed instruction, you can find more information on how to limit a gaming hoodie to a specific pattern. There are many resources on the Internet where you can find free vest models and video tutorials.

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Click here for a video tutorial of this pattern