How to Make Border Lace for Beginners?

Dear Ladies, take a look at this beautiful and very stylish decorative edging lace pattern we found for you today. We think it will be more than worth it if you find some spare time and start knitting right now. You will feel more comfortable at home with each passing day after a pleasant work. Thanks to the author for the video tutorial that will be our guide to design and of course to perfection. If you are a beginner, you can try and follow the author’s hands and we are sure that your results will be amazing.

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Border lace is an elegant embellishment added to the edges of knitting or sewing projects. A simple border lace for beginners is pretty easy to make and can add a nice touch to your project. Here is the process of making a basic border lace:


1-Thin thread or lace thread (Color and thickness depend on your preference)
2- Hook 1,4 mm or needle (size to fit your project)
3- Scissors
Step 1: Choose the Lace Floss
You can use a thin lace thread or regular knitting thread for your border lace. Color selection may vary depending on the type of your project and your personal taste.
Step 2: Determine the Width of the Border Lace
Determine the width of the border lace. If you want to achieve a fine lace look, you should make your lace with a thinner thread and suitable crochet or needle.
Step 3: Choose a Lace Pattern

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Let’s explain a simple bubble lace as an example of making edge lace:
First, pull a chain with your lace yarn. Chaining will form the basis of the first stitches in your lace. Next, make a bubble, skipping the second loop in the chain. For this step, if you want to make a bubble of 5 loops, for example, according to the pattern of your lace, take a thread for your crochet five times, insert it into the same loop of the chain and pull the loop.
Then pull a loop and make another bubble.
Repeat these bubbles and loops in sequence until the length you want in your lace pattern. After you’ve finished your lace, finish the last few stitches with a sc and cut the thread.

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As you sew your border lace to the edges of your project, follow the lace neatly and join it neatly. Thus, you get an elegant border lace detail in your project. Remember, as you get more practiced in knitting lace, you may want to add more intricate patterns and details. Starting with simple patterns at the beginning, you can gain experience step by step and improve your lace knitting skills.

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How to Make Border Lace for Beginners?