The Very Easy Sandal Knitting Pattern You Should Learn

Hello Dear Ladies!
In this article, you will learn how to make baby knit sandal knitting pattern.
The stance of this pattern is great and it is a beautiful pattern,
and it is an ideal idea to make a gift for your niece or a
pregnant friend in case of emergency, which you can do very easily
and quickly.

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Materials :
baby wool mimosa cotton yarn,
You will need 2 mm hooks ,
2 buttons and scissors .


This Pattern is suitable for baby girls.
It is designed for babies 0.6 months old.
If you want to make it bigger, it will be enough
to knit the base chain 2 more.
The color of this sandal knit pattern is very nice and neat,
but of course, the color preference is up to you.
I think it would be very nice to choose pastel and
light-toned colors. Pink , blue , glass green ..
I think it would be nice if the colors were more attractive for girls.


Start the Base Chain with 16 chains.
You have to add 2 more extra. In the second row,
single crochet technique is knitted.
You can do it by watching the whole video carefully.
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I wish good luck to those who want to do it.


Click here for the video tutorial of this pattern