3D Vest ,Blouse Knitting for Beginners

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Knitting Pattern Welcome to our website. In this article,
if you are wondering how to make a fluffy and v-shaped model
for beginners, continue reading this article.

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This Pattern is worked with plain color.
If you wish, you can also work this pattern in color.
You can work in light colors such as pink, blue, white,
yellow to make this pattern look flashy and lively. Of course,
your choice of color is up to you.


First we start with our lock chain. You need to determine
the chain size of this pattern according to what you want to do.
After the base chain is completed, we knit single ( sc) until the
end of the row by sinking our crochet from the back fluffy part
of the chain.


You can make this pattern by following the video tutorial. and will guide
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Click here for a video tutorial of this pattern