Hello Dear Friends! In this article, I will give you some instructions on

how to make a very stylish square motif pattern. Continue reading this article.

This pattern is an easy and fast-paced pattern that anyone can do.

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What can we do with this Square motif pattern?

Knitting baby blankets, bedspreads, throw pillows and bags would

be very nice designs.

If you want to knit with lace yarn, you can use it in many project areas

such as table cloth, console cover.

It is both a popular fashion style and a timeless useful pattern.

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Magic ring making at the first start. If you can’t make a magic ring,

you can draw 6 chains and create a ring.

We create 4 leaves in the form of 4ch +3tr + 4ch.

in the second row, by switching to another color rope Knit

3 ch + 1sc +2tr +3ch +2tr + 1sc +3 ch. 4 is done this way.

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Click here for a video tutorial of this pattern