Great two needle knitting pattern

Hello Dear Friends!
Welcome to my knitting pattern site.
Today, I wanted to share with you the construction stages of
two intermediate knitting needle knitting patterns.
You can watch the details of this pattern on you tube channel.

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It is a model that you can design in shawl, blouse,
vest, baby knitting from this pattern.
If you are looking for a beautiful and flashy model,
I recommend you to take a look at this pattern.
I hope you like it and I will be very happy
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Materials: Medium thickness wool was used,
two skewers with a diameter of 3.50 mm were used.


For this pattern, you will need multiples of 7 and 7 + 3 loops.
You can adjust your loops in this way
and set up your model according to the knitting you will do.
This model does not require elastic knitting, but if you want,
you can make it with elastic.
This model consists of openwork knitting technique.
I wish good luck to those who want to do it.



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