Steps to Make This Beautiful Lace Knitting Pattern

Hello Dear Friends!
In this knitting work, we will learn together how to make
this beautiful knitting pattern that you will love very much.
First of all, this crochet knitting pattern, you can use the edge model
I shared on many knitting edges such as lace living room napkins,
blankets and shawls. You can make the edge pattern thicker.
So the kitchen towel will fit the edge.

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First, we make the holes that we created by pulling chains by eye.
You can increase this one row of holes to two or three rows
for towels or for places you want thicker.


You will need 50gr lace yarn and 1.15 mm lace hook.
Whatever you are planning to knit from this pattern,
you need to determine the length of the lace knitting pattern accordingly.


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I wish good luck to those who want to do it.

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Click here for the video tutorial of this beautiful pattern