Very Easy Mini Bag Knitting Pattern


Very Easy Mini Bag Knitting Pattern

Certainly! Here’s a simple and easy mini bag knitting pattern that’s great for beginners:

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mini bag knitting




  • Worsted weight yarn (choose your favorite color)
  • Size 8 (5.0 mm) knitting needles
  • Yarn needle
  • Button or snap for closure (optional)
  • Handles (you can use pre-made handles or make your own with the yarn)


  • K: knit
  • P: purl
  • st(s): stitch(es)
  • BO: bind off
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Front and Back (make 2): Cast on 20 stitches.

Row 1-6: Knit all stitches.

Row 7: K4, P12, K4.

Repeat Rows 1-7 until your piece measures about 6 inches from the cast-on edge, ending with a Row 6.

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Next Row (Buttonhole Row): K4, P2, K2, BO 4 sts, K2, P2, K4.

Next Row: K4, P2, K2, CO 4 sts, K2, P2, K4.

Continue in pattern for a few more rows, then bind off all stitches.


  1. If you haven’t already, sew the sides of the front and back panels together using a yarn needle.
  2. Attach the handles on either side of the bag.
  3. Sew on the button or snap for closure opposite the buttonhole.

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Optional Embellishments:

Feel free to get creative and add embellishments like buttons, bows, or flowers to personalize your mini bag.

This pattern is customizable, so you can experiment with different stitch patterns or yarn colors to make it your own. It’s perfect for holding small items like keys, lip balm, or other tiny essentials. Enjoy your knitting!



Very Easy Mini Bag Knitting Pattern