Wonderful Rose Knitting Pattern You’ll Love

Hello dear friends! Welcome to our knitting patterns site. Today, we chose the lace crochet knitting model, which is very easy ornamental accessories that everyone can do, and it was very beautiful and very stylish for ladies. Check out this great knitting technique for beginners. We think it will be more than worth it if you find some spare time and start knitting right now. After a pleasant work, you will feel more comfortable at home every day. 

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Layered rose knitting is a technique that creates a beautiful pattern in knitting and is used in a variety of projects. Here is an explanation of how you can do the layered rose braid step by step:
Note: In the explanations below, it’s helpful to know the basic knitting terms (eg, plain weave, purl, increment, decrement).
1-Knitting needles
2 -Thread
Step 1: Get started First, choose the stitch from which you will knit. The layered rose knit is usually worked on plain knit, but you can also try it on plain purl knit if you prefer.
Step 2: Determine the number of rose petals Determine how many petals you want to make a rose braid. For example, you can specify 5 petals to create a 5-petal rose.
Step 3: Create the first leaf To start the first sheet, assemble the number of loops you specified (eg 5 loops).
Step 4: Increase the leaves In the first row, increase by knitting twice into each loop. This will double the number of stitches in the first row and form the basis for your leaves in a new row.
Step 5: Start the second leaf After the increment, continue knitting over the first leaf with the normal plain knitting technique. Assemble the same number of loops for the second leaf and join the first leaf with the loops you knitted. This will form the basis of the second leaf.
Step 6: Create the leaves Along each row, continue to increase your loops and continue knitting in the flat knitting technique to form the basis for your new leaves. Repeat these steps until you reach the number of sheets you want.
Step 7: Remove the leaves Once you’ve reached the desired rose weave size, reduce to cover the petals. This will compress the petals, creating a beautiful rose appearance.
Step 8: Finish Finally, finish your knitting after you’ve covered all the leaves and knot the yarn or hide the stitches neatly.
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   Wonderful Rose Knitting Pattern

   pattern video tutorial 

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